Jewelry Repair

When possible we choose to repair jewelry with our laser welder.  Contrary to popular belief repair work performed with the laser welder can sometimes take longer than when the same work is performed with a traditional gas and oxygen soldering system.
Laser Welding System

   We choose to use the laser because welds performed with the laser are stronger than joints soldered together with a gas and oxygen system.

     This practical approach to our work is integral to our business approach.  Quality not speed is our goal. We don't take shortcuts.  We fix it right the first time. 

      Our work is guaranteed!

      If you are wondering what the cost will be we will be happy to provide a quote before we begin work.

Jewelry repair work is performed in house.

Jewelry Appraisals

Do you have the information you would need to submit an insurance claim on lost or stolen jewelry?

Take a moment, get pencil and paper, can you list the jewelry you currently own? Chances are you like most of us have forgotten about an item or two. When it comes down to writing a verbal description of your jewelry the task could becomes much more difficult. For example, do you own an engagement ring and wedding band? What metal are the rings made of? Are they of cast, fabricated or of hand wrought construction? How many gemstones are in each? What do the gemstones weigh individually. What quality are the gemstones (color, clarity)? If you can’t answer these questions I suggest you get speak with your insurance agent to determine if there is a need to have the item appraised.

Generally, I recommend if a piece of jewelry has a value in excess of $500 you should have at a minimum a detailed description of the piece. If there are gemstones in the item you will need to list the number, size, weight, color and quality of the gemstones. You may be able to find this information on a sales slip. If you have this information and the documentation is less than a couple of years old you are in pretty good shape. If you lack proper documentation or the documentation is several years old I recommend you speak with your insurance agent.  Perhaps an appraisal or an update to an older appraiser is recommend.

You’ll likely want to get your more valuable items appraised by a jewelry appraiser. Performing a jewelry appraisal takes special skills. An appraiser should have formal training as well as practical experience in evaluating and pricing similar items.

Gemological knowledge is the first requirement. Each gem has it own physical properties or clues that a trained gemologist uses to determine the species of gemstone. Once gemological knowledge is applied to identification, a second step is performed. The appraiser applies appraisal methodologies to establish value in a specific market. For example, if the function of the appraisal is obtaining insurance, the appraiser must establish how much it would cost to the replace the item in a market similar to that in which the was originally purchased in.

If of the other hand, the function of the appraisal is to establish tax liability for an estate, the appraiser must establish the Fair Market Value in the most common and appropriate jewelry market.

I recommend you look for an appraisers who is a member of one of these professional organizations: American Gem Society, The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, The International Society of Jewelry Appraiser or The American Society of Appraisers.  

As a Certified Gemologist Appraiser I am qualified to assist you in these matters. If you should have any question please call me at 229-7333.


Pearl and Bead Stringing

Have you ever wondered why pearls and bead are knotted between beads?

    Several years ago a woman came in to have her pearls restrung.  She told me this story.  She was a realtor closing on a property.  For a number of reasons beyond her control it was imperative she handle the closing on a specific date.  It was late afternoon and she was rushing to complete the paperwork.  She bent down to pick up a piece of paper that had fallen on the floor.  Standing up she caught the strand of pearls she was wearing on the corner of the desk.  The strand broke and beads went everywhere!  To make a long story short she with the assistance of her clients and her coworkers managed to find all the beads and complete to sale all on time!  Everyone was considerate but needless to say she was deeply embarrassed.  Per her request we strung the beads on new silk cord.  The strand was knotted between pearls. 

   Even when we are stringing lower priced beads we knot the strand periodically. In the event of a break the risk of the loss is limited. 

   How long has it been since your beads or pearls have been cleaned and checked?  If the string appears frayed or stretched I recommend you get your beads restrung.  If you are not sure what to look for visit your local jewelry and ask them to inspect your strand for wear.

Watch Repair

We have the pleasure of working with a gifted watch repair specialist that has vast experience repairing a variety of models.

Watch repair work is guaranteed for a year!

We have found the service we offer through our associate is faster than that provided by manufacturer recommended sites.  We typically find the cost is less as well.  That is about as close to a win - win situation as I can think of.

We are happy to provide an estimate before repair work is begun.

We replace watch batteries and watch bands in house.  Please keep in mind we are closed Sunday and Monday. 

Broken Gemstones

Have you ever looked at a gemstone and it appears cloudy on the surface?  Have you ever seen a broken stone and wondered how could it happen?  Can you break a diamond?

     Yes, you can damage and gemstone including diamonds.   The cloudy appearance on a faceted gemstone is usually associated with abrasions on the surface where two facet (planes)  meet.  The Sharp edge is worn away leaving a dull, irregular surface. You see this often in old class rings.  This is simply the product of good old fashion wear.

     Diamonds can break.  When I examine and Old European Cut diamond or Old Mine Cut diamond I expect to see wear related damage and I am seldom disappointed.  Damage to a diamond is typically found on the outside edge of the gemstone.  A fracture may be confined to the edge of the gem or the damage may extend up the crown or down the pavilion of the gemstone.

    Diamonds and color gemstones can be repaired.   The repair often requires the entire gemstone be cut and polished.  This is a time consuming process but one worth doing for a valuable gemstone. 

    If you have a damaged stone please bring it in and we can discuss your options and their associated cost.  There is no charge for this estimate.

Jewelry Consignment

We are often asked, "How should I go about selling jewelry I don't wear?"

   The options are both limited and fraught with complications.

   You can attempt to sell your jewelry yourself either through friends or acquaintances or on the internet through one of the many  second hand marketing sites.  You can sell you jewelry to a pawn shop or retailer who specializes in estate jewelry.  You can sell your jewelry for scrap value through a gold buyer.

   What is the best option?  That largely depends of what you have.  Quite frankly some jewelry is simply worn out and has little remaining useful life.  If there is strong emotional ties to the jewelry you might consider keeping it as a memento.  If you have no emotional attachment to the item you might consider selling it for the value of the metal in the piece. 

   Hopefully, some of your jewelry will be valued for its design, workmanship and providence.  Some will be valued for the gemstones mounted in the jewelry.  

   If you know someone who likes the piece I would offer it for sale to them first.  The direct sale of the item through friends or acquaintances is the market with the greatest return.   If this isn't an option you might explore internet marketing possibilities.  Don't jump in, stand back, observe and learn how others sell similar items.  Some are quite successful in this marketplace others soon abandon it as a waste of time and effort.

   You might consider selling directly to a pawn shop or estate jeweler.    For an item in good shape you may be offered more than the value of the metal in the item. You are unlikely to be offer more than the wholesale replacement value of the jewelry.   Whether they plan to sell to the public or to a wholesaler the dealer will attempt sell your jewelry at a profit.  What they can afford to pay depends greatly on who they can sell to.

   You have the option to sell your jewelry on consignment.  I would suggest you query the jewelers in your area to see if this is a service they offer.  There are many ways this service can be arranged.  It simply is an agreement between you and a retailer in which the retailer will attempt to sell your jewelry for you.  Upon the sale of the item the jeweler is paid a fee or commission and the remainder of the sale is returned to you.  There is little monetary risk to the retailer and consequently the retailer may provide you the means to obtain more from the sale than that offered through the direct sale of your jewelry at the wholesale level. 

   This is a service we offer at Laney's Diamonds and Jewelry.  It is one that has been beneficial both to our clients and ourselves.  If you live in the area and would like to learn more please contact us. 

    There is one last option that is applicable in a very limited number of occasions.  If you have a truly unique item you may need to market it through an auction house in a large city.  Again, I would speak with you local jeweler and seek advice.     Good Luck!

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